No Deposit Casino Bonus

However, it is true to say that even today, many casinos will still offer a no deposit casino bonus, and this guide looks at various different aspects of those types of casino bonuses and will let you gain a much clearer understand of just which ones offer the best value too.

When online casinos first started to appear, back in the early 1990’s, one immediate way operators and owners of those sites could help those who were dubious about playing real money casino games online overcome their hesitancy to do so, was by giving them No Deposit Bonus Casino free cash to play with.

That was done by giving all newly signed up players something known as a no deposit bonus.

As the name of that type of promotional offers suggests, to be awarded with such a No Deposit Casino Bonus was required, and players would be given a set number of credits to play with courtesy of the site they were playing at.

As the years and then decades ticked by, many casino sites came and went, and many new promotional offers were dreamt up, designed, and made available to players.

No Deposit Bonus Casino Promotions

It goes with saying, that no casino would be able to survive if they do not have a steady stream of players making deposits and playing their casino games, and the whole purpose of No Deposit Casino Bonus is to give players the confidence they need to get them at some point in the future become a depositing player, and hopefully a loyal player at an online casino.

Some sites are famed as being no deposit bonus casinos, meaning that they tend to give away lots of those types of bonuses offers, however the offers and deals they make available to their players via those types of bonuses are going to be designed in such a way a player has little chance of winning with their bonus funds.

The casino games offered to players that have claimed a no deposit required will of course be completely fair and random, but it will be down to the bonus play rules that make such bonuses impossible to win with at some casino.

Making players play through their bonus credits for example one hundred times (or more) before they can cash out any winnings, and possibly also only allowing a player to cash out the original value of the bonus awarded or a small percentage of it are some of the tricks that casino operators will pull via their terms and conditions to make it almost impossible for a player to win with a no risk type of No Deposit Casino Bonus.

Not all casinos pull such stunts of course, and there are some top-rated casino sites that do operate using no deposit bonuses and have extremely fair and reasonable terms and conditions attached to those types of bonuses, it will just take you some time to track them down.

How to Claim No Deposit Casino Bonuses

You are certainly not going to have to jump through all manner of hoops to claim any no deposit casino bonus, for the way in which claiming promotional credits at any casino site these days are completely automated and hassle free.

However, I should point out that no matter which bonus and in particular a No Deposit Casino Bonus you come across that catches your eye, you should always make a point of going through the attached and associated terms and conditions carefully.

By doing so you will then fully understand how to use your online casino no deposit bonus credits which games can be played, any stake restrictions, the play through requirements and any additional payout and cash out caps.

To claim a no deposit needed bonus you will first obviously have to sign up as a new player as the casino offering it, if that offer is part of a welcome bonus, but make sure that you have not already registered in the past for if you try signing up a second time the casino operator will look at that as possible bonus abuse or even fraud and will never let you cash out any winnings, even if you manage to register as second account.

Once you have signed up and have logged into your casino account you will then be required to opt in to that no deposit bonus offer and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, once you have done so the no risk credits are credited to your account, and you can then start playing.

Casino Account and Player Verification

To ensure only those eligible and old enough to claim any type of no deposit casino bonuses or any other type of No Deposit Casino Bonus promotions, all operators of casino sites and casino apps are required by law and to comply with their gambling licence requirements have to verify the ages and identity and location of their customers.

As such dependent on just which casinos you choose to play at, at some point in time you will be asked to supply them with proof of your ages, address, and identity, which will see you having to send into them a copy of your passport, driving licence and a recent utility bill.

Some sites will make you go through those “know your customer” requirements as they are called before you are allowed to play, and some will require you to perform them when you make your first cash in, it will vary from casino to casino.

I have also seen some casinos suspend a players account when they are actually playing and only unlock the accounts once they have sent in the required documentation.

Whilst it may be an annoyance there is no way to get around those requirements, so my advice would be for you to have the documentation ready to send in, and even send it in to the designated department at the casino once you have signed up as a new player, as that will then negate the possibility of you have any delays later on getting you account verified.

Comparing Casino Match Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses

The two main types of bonuses that you will come across being made available to you at online casinos are of course no deposit bonuses but also deposit match type bonuses, and in this section of my guide I will be comparing the two.

As for whether a no deposit bonus is going to be suitable to you personally, well you should have enough information now to allow you to make up your own mind on that, but for most players, they tend to shy away from claiming those types of bonuses as they do not appeal to them based on how they tend to play.

It will be deposit match bonuses that tend to get most players excited and eager to claim and make use of them, for by spending a little bit of time looking around for casino sites offering such a bonus they could come across a minimum deposit bonus that sees them being awarded a huge number of credits, compared their deposited amount.

The way in which you can spot true and high valued deposit match bonuses is by looking at the way in which they have been designed.

What you should be looking for are those that have a high bonus to deposit ratio initially, such as for example a 300% deposit match bonus or higher.

Then you need to look at just which casino games you can play after having claimed such a bonus, for it will be a tad pointless claiming a deposit match bonus that you can only play video poker games with if you want to play slot machines or claiming a slot machine type of bonus when you want to play card or table games and so on.

The play through requirements always needs to be as low as possible to allow you to get plenty of value out of this type of bonus, and keep in mind some games, even in the same category may have a different play through requirement than others.

Cash out caps also need looking into, for if you are not going to be allowed to cash out all of your winnings and are capped regarding just how much you can win when playing off a deposit match bonus set of credits then you could see a large chunk of your winnings being voided out when you cash them out.

The casino no deposit bonuses tend to offer extremely low value, but deposit match bonuses can and often do offer players the absolute best value, but only when you consider the things that I have just pointed out to you.

The bonus rewards is always going to be on you the player to read, digest and fully understand the terms and conditions of any bonus you claim and make use of though, so always keep that in mind.

Other Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

There are of course going to be a plethora of other bonuses that you will be able to avail yourself of at the huge number of casino sites available these days, and for those of you that may have been put off claiming a no deposit bonus let me look at some other promotional offers that do not require you to make a deposit but are designed in a very different way.

One Hour Free Play Offers

I have seen a number of sites that offer what is known as a one-hour free play type of bonus and that may appeal to some of you out there.

The way they tend to be designed is such that once you register as a player, you have the option of playing for up to one hour with a set of no risk credits and are obliged to play a certain number of games or a place a certain number of wagers with your awarded credits within a one-hour time period.

If at the end of the initial session, your balance is higher than your initially awarded credits you can then turn those winnings into bonus credits by making a deposit.

The key to locking in the best value with such a promotional offer, is to find out what is the maximum amount you can claim as bonus credits along with finding out what deposit amount you are required to make if you do win on that no risk playing session.

If the bonus you can claim via your winnings is a higher multiple than the required deposit amount then that may be an offer worth claiming, if the bonus to deposit ratio is low then it may not be that good a bonus to claim.

Free Slot No Deposit Bonus

Look out for any online or even mobile casino sites and apps that may have put in place any free spins type of bonus offers to new or existing players, for by claiming such deals you could end up having a winning session but without having to spend a penny doing so.

Another way casino operators will tempt new players to sign up is by offering a multi-part type of welcome offer, which could be a deposit match bonus along with a no deposit require set of free spins tat players can use on one of their slot machines.

By signing up to such a casino you can initially play off those free spins, and any winnings you are lucky enough to achieve when playing them off will be yours to keep, subject obviously to the terms and conditions attached to them.

Just be aware though, the number of spins and the stakes allocated to them that you are awarded will ultimately determine the true value of such offers, and try and avoid claiming such a promotional deal if you are going to be limited, by way of a winnings cap in the terms and conditions, regarding how much you can win with your set of no risk no deposit required set of free spins.